Custodians – a poem of remembrance

There has been a great deal of discussion recently about Remembrance Sunday and the symbol of the Poppy. All I know is why I wear one and why I remember. I also know that there were a great deal of people at Cenotaphs around the country today paying their respects for the fallen. As such, I wrote this, to explain why I feel it is important that we never never never forget.


We remember – not to glorify war
Nor grand statement make
We remember because they died
And in doing so – we lived

With each passing silent moment
We remember their future untold
Sacrificing that which is most precious
For the freedom that we hold

No one wishes for war – that damned futile necessity
That shadowed valley we fear
But yea, though we still must walk it
So dark it no longer appears

A beacon lit in our darkest hour sweeps across history
Guiding us where not to tread
Searching for a safer path
Futility realised, wars necessity – dead

And so we remember – not to glorify war
We remember because it’s right
Remembrance isn’t about politics or fashion
We remember as custodians of their light


Today saw a historic moment as President Barack Obama became the first President of the United States to address both houses of Parliament in Westminster Hall. He is a man, to me, who is not only wonderful orator but a worldwide symbol of hope. As he spoke, the occasion reminded me of a poem I wrote when he became the President and the hope that election inspired across the World.


45 years
A dream
45 years
A hope

With truths held self evident
The dream cut
Through the valley of injustice
But with strength
With fortitude
The dream shone on

Then 44

Breaking through the nightmare
The dream shone on
Words spoken
Such beautiful poetry
Of harsh realities
Bitter truths
With them
The dream shone on

45 comes 44
The dream lives on
Closer to reality

With colour-blind vision
The dream evolves
The work continues
Judged not by his skin
Truth and change
Through content of character

45 comes 44
The dream lives on
New dreams have begun

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