A Funny Thing Happened…

I have a little tale to tell to share. It all begins on a sunny Tuesday – the 18th June.


On this day in history, I was due to see “The Boss” – Bruce Springsteen – himself, at Hampden Park. This, in itself, is an exciting prospect. And yet I woke up – inexplicably – with the Bon Jovi tune “Living on a Prayer” blazing in my head. This continued on and off for the rest of the day – peppered with Status Quo “Rocking All Over the World.” Fast forward through the day to the Central Station where I’m recounting this thrilling story to my friend Emma – with whom I am attending the Springsteen gig. I tell it in an amusing manner – obviously – to ease the pain of the hellova massive queue. Fast forward again and we’re arriving at Hampden, only to be handed some junk by a promotion lady who’s just trying to get by and do her job. Many people have already discarded this “junk” on the roads around Hampden. But upon looking down at our “useless” bounty – what do we see? But Bon Jovi! Say what!? We chuckle at how this band, that has found its way into my brain ALL DAY, now ends up in my hand – in the form of a scratch card. We consider attacking the scratch cards with a coin as soon as possible, but excitement levels are at an all time high so we stow our cards and enjoy the gig.


The Boss…was amazing. Legend of the game. Three and a half hours of sheer musical joy.


We’ll do another handy flash forward to the next day. As I’m getting ready for work, returning my standard pocket contents back to…my pockets, I spy my Bon Jovi scratch card. And a scratch card, as we know, has to be scratched. Match 3 symbols – win – standard. I take a 10 pence piece to the beast, scratching away. 1 symbol. 2 symbols. Oh it’s going to be “one of those” – the teasing type of scratch card that makes you think you’re going to win then…HOLY WHAT NOW!? 3 Matching symbols! Seriously? No way!? I quickly reveal the prize box – A Pair of Free Tickets! What…the…


But my story doesn’t end there – for there was another scratch card – a scratch card owned by a now (as we kids say) “totes-jelly” girl – albeit one in a strong position of demanding I take her because she took me to Springsteen. So this girl did what anyone would do in this situation – IMMEDIATELY DO THE SAME THING.


Readers…she won.


That’s right – 4 free tickets to see Bon Jovi. Somehow my brain knew. Or it was a super-massive coincidence. Or this will all end up being some massive con. Or we’ll be massively disappointed when they make up some lame excuse like “all the free tickets for that event have been claimed.” Either way, as a story – I liked it.




Oh and as I now know, what I didn’t know then – it’s not a con! Tickets confirmed! Bon Jovi here we come!